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          5.Overhead Single Facer Conveying Machine

          • Single Facer Overhead Conveying System
          Single Facer Overhead Conveying System

          Single Facer Overhead Conveying System

          • Corrugating Machinery
          • Single Facer Line
          • Product description: Single Facer Overhead Conveying System, Flute Paper Conveying Machine
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          Single Facer Overhead Conveying System


          1. The main frame of single facer overhead conveying system is connected by channel steel, I-steel and angle steel.
          2. Both sides are provided with safety guardrails and safety personal pedals, and the operating surface is provided with safety escalator, effectively guarantee the safety of staff and easy operation.
          3. Adopts independent frequency motor lifting mechanism and PVC conveyor belt to ensure the wave shape stable transmission of single face corrugated sheet.
          4. All roller shaft surface is grinding and chrome plated.
          5. The bridge is covered with high-strength composite board which is smooth, durable, low friction to reduce the resistance in sheet transportation.

          Regular technical parameters:

          1. Working width: 1200mm-2500mm
          2. Max height: 3000mm
          3. Working speed: 150m/min
          4. Feed roller and tension roller:φ130mm
          5. Conveying roller: φ180mm
          6. Single facer lifting motor: 3KW (frequency control)


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