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          7. CNC Slitter Helical Cutter with donw basket stacker

          • CNC Single Facer Slitting Cutting with down basket Stacker
          CNC Single Facer Slitting Cutting with down basket Stacker

          CNC Single Facer Slitting Cutting with down basket Stacker

          • Corrugating Machinery
          • Single Facer Line
          • Single Facer Cutting Machine
          • Product description: CNC Single Facer Paper Slitting Cutting with down basket Stacker
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          CNC Single Facer Slitting Cutting with down basket Stacker


          1. Could store 200 sets of orders, man-machine interface with information displayed screen, the orders can be consulted, modified, added, and cancel at any time.
          2. The motor drive adopts German KEB servo controller, and uses high performance servo motor synchronous drive.
          3. The transverse cutter is made of blade steel, the gear with hard face grinding can realize no-side clearance transmission with high precision and longer service life.
          4. The main machine is made of grey cast iron and has high rigidity and high shake resistance.
          5. The stacking part adopts the gantry platform to lift and guarantee high working efficiency. Divided into three sections with right angle cross output when reach a certain quantity, first section of gross roll design paper flat output without bending, second section of buffer length overlapping, third section of points aerodynamic separation, accelerate the output of board. Max stacking height is 1.3m, and suit for high efficiency production of color printing enterprises.
          6. Fast change-over time: 3-8s.
          7. Adopts thin tungsten steel alloy blade, sharp and can cut more than 8 million meters.
          8. The sharpening process is computer controlled, automatic sharpening or manual sharpening. Also can be cutting and sharpening at same time to improve production efficiency.
          9. Adopts imported synchronous drive device with more accurate, longer life and lower running noise.
          10. The upper and lower computer control system is composed of high quality imported industrial computer and high performance programmable controller.

          Regular technical parameters:

          1. Working width: 1200-2500mm
          2. Operation direction: Right or left (depend on customer plant)
          3. Max mechanical speed: 150m/min
          4. Mechanical configuration: computer helical transverse cutting
          5. Min cutting length: 300mm
          6. Max cutting length: 9999mm
          7. Cutting precision: ±1mm (constant speed), ±1.5mm (non- constant speed)
          8. 5 sets of thin blade with ¢200

          Rollers diameter parameters:

          1. Upper blade shaft diameter of transverse cutting: ¢200mm (Dynamic balancing)
          2. Lower blade shaft diameter of transverse cutting: ¢200mm (Dynamic balancing)
          3. Lower paper roller diameter: ¢156mm (Dynamic balancing)Notes: All rollers are grinding and chrome plated (except upper and lower blade shaft).

          Parameters of motor and electric appliance:

          1. Main driving motor power: 12.5KW Full AC synchronous servo motor.
          2. Paper motor power: 3kW (frequency control)
          3. Feed motor power: 1.5KW (frequency control)
          4. Transverse motor power: 0.75KW (frequency control)


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