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          5.Pre-Heating Machine

          • Pre-Heating Machine
          • Pre-Heating Machine
          Pre-Heating MachinePre-Heating Machine

          Pre-Heating Machine

          • Corrugating Machinery
          • Single Facer Line
          • 3/5/7ply Corrugated board production line
          • Product description: Pre-Heating Machine
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          Pre-Heater &Pre-Conditioner:

          Model: PH-400/600/900/1000/1100


          1. Pre-heater diameter400mm/600mm/900mm/1000mm/1100mm. butterfly head makes heating equal.

          2. Pre-heater designed to be rotary as a fixed speed, which makes th temperature of the surface equal and pass the heat to the paper completely, and also reduce heat loss and make the paper not easy to be broken off.

          3. Flange is used for steam rotary joint.

          4. Made according to national standard of pressure container i, test certificate is followed.

          5. Paper guide roll: φ85mm-φ110mm, one fixed, the other travel outside of preheating roll to control the heating surface. the parallelism of the travel paper guide roll can be adjusted

          6. Heating wrap angle range: 60-220°,270° or 360°


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