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          1.Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

          • Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand
          • Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand
          Hydraulic Mill Roll StandHydraulic Mill Roll Stand

          Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

          • Corrugating Machinery
          • Single Facer Line
          • 3/5/7ply Corrugated board production line
          • Product description: Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand Paper Roll Feeding Machine
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          Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

          Model: HRS-150/HRS-1800


          1).Max. Paper roll diameter: 1500 mm/1800mm; min paper roll diameter: 400mm

          2).Expanding clips

          3).Open-close, lifting and lowering, right-left adjustments of arms are operated by hydraulic system. Double work position design.

          4).Hydraulic station motor power: 3.7kw

          5).Diameter of lift oil container: 100mm

          6)Diameter of level oil container: 63mm (breadth<=1800mm) or 80mm (breadth>1800mm)

          7).Brake device adopt the standard of car industry, multi-point brake disc is delicate, force equality, steady, longevity, simply replaced, which can be both manual-controlled and splicer-controlled.


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