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          2.Mechanical Shaftless Mill Roll Sand

          • Mechanical Shaftless Mill Roll Stand
          Mechanical Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

          Mechanical Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

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          • Single Facer Line
          • 3/5/7ply Corrugated board production line
          • Product description: Mechanical Shaftless Mill Roll Stand
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          Mechanical Shaftless Mill Roll Stand


          Two bales of paper can be installed at the same time by adopting symmetrical structure to realize no stopping for paper changing.

          The movements such as clamping & loosening, lifting & lowering, middle moving, laterally translate are driven by mechanical system.

          Effective width: 1200-1800mm.

          Max base paper: ?1400mm.

          Min base paper: ?400mm×600mm.

          Each shaftless mill roll stand is equipped with two feeding guides and two loading trolleys.

          The guide is welded by channel 14 steel with guide column, and the paper trolley is welded by 10mm steel plate.

          Manual disc brake with limit screw.

          Electrical components are centrally controlled and use automatic bulge clamp.


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