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          7.MY-800H Automatic Die Cutting and Foil Stamping Machine

          • MY-800H Automatic Die Cutting and Foil Stamping Machine
          MY-800H Automatic Die Cutting and Foil Stamping Machine

          MY-800H Automatic Die Cutting and Foil Stamping Machine

          • Folding box cutting machine
          • Product description: MY-800H Automatic Die Cutting and Foil Stamping Machine,Paper Foil Stamping Machine
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          MY-800H Automatic Die Cutting and Foil Stamping Machine

          1. The MY-800H automatic die cutting and foil stamping machine is a high-tech mechatronic product adopting computer control. It also adopts the following high and new technology such as multimedia technology, gate array, AC servo system etc. to realize automation of the full process from paper feeding to die cutting, foil stamping, pressure boosting, depressurization, foil winding, paper discharging, skipping, counting, heating, pre-heating, failure display and inspection.
          2. The automatic die cutting and foil stamping machine is mainly applied in die cutting, creasing, foil stamping and cold and hot pressing of the paper box, Logo in packaging industry. Because of the unique performance of this machine, it can satisfy various requirements of our customers. This kind of machine features easy operation, safety and reliability, high speed, high pressure, high precision and good quality so that it is highly relied on by the users. It also adopts high precision intermittent mechanism and positioning system to realize more stable running and more precise positioning.
          3. This machine adopts PLC electrical control system with electronic CAM so that the process control of the machine motion is more precise and the adjustment is more convenient.
          4. The human-computer monitoring and display system can show the running situation of the machine clearly. It can also carry out failure display and removal perfectly, thus realizing human-computer communication.
          5. It also uses imported pneumatic clutch which features long service life, low noise and stable clutch and braking. It adopts pneumatic locking unit as well, enabling convenient, fast, safe and reliable die locking.
          6. The main electrical element, bearing, fastener, chain of the whole machine are all imported from the famous brands to ensure precision and service life.
          7. All the electrical elements are certified by CE. Meanwhile, various protective covers can meet the requirements of CE. So they are safe and reliable.
          8. The lubricating system of the main transmission adopts strong wind cooling unit, so the efficiency of the machine under high temperature for long period can be improved.
          9. The stepping control system of the foil stamping adopts imported servo motor which features synchronous foil rewinding and releasing, constant tension and more precise transmission skipping.
          10. There are 12 heating zones of which the temperature setting and constant temperature control can be carried out independently to satisfy different requirements for foil stamping.
          Technical Specification:
          Model MY-800H
          Max.Paper Size 810*610mm
          Min. Paper Size 350*230mm
          Max.Die cutting Size 790*600mm
          Max. Stamping Range 760*540mm
          Max.Die cutting Speed 7500s/h
          Max.Stamping Speed 7000s/h
          Max.Feeding Pile 850mm
          Max.Delivery Pile 800mm
          Sheet Thickness Cardboard:0.1-1.5mm Corrugated board:≤4mm
          Die-Cutting Precision ±0.1mm
          Stamping Temperature 0~200℃
          Heating Plate Zone Number 12
          NO. Of Foil Rollers 3 Vertical and 2 Horizontal
          Max. Length 1800~2200m
          Max.Pressure 250t
          Total Weight 12.5t
          Heating Plate Zone Power 18kw
          Total Power 36kw
          Overall Dimension 6470*3550*2160mm
          Max. foil width 760mm
          Min. foil width 25mm
          Max. length of pull foil 600mm
          Max. pull foil roll diameter φ200mm
          Max. foil width 540mm
          Min. foil width 25mm
          Max. length of pull foil 800mm
          Max. pull foil roll diameter φ220mm


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