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          10.MY-1080P Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping Unit

          • MY-1080P Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping Unit
          MY-1080P Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping Unit

          MY-1080P Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping Unit

          • Paper cutting machine
          • Folding box cutting machine
          • Product description: MY-1080P Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping Unit. Folding Box Cutting Machine
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          MY-1080P Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping Unit

          MY-1080P automatic die cutting and creasing machine with stripping unit is the key equipment for the processing of paper products such as cardboard boxes, paper boxes and high standards paper products. It adopts the integral assembly, integral transportation, and the integral delivery to realize starting production in a day and reducing the expenditure. The careful assembly and high configuration of the staff is definitely better than the Taiwan machine and can compete with the Japanese machine.

          Technical parameters:

          Max sheet size 1080×780 mm
          Min sheet size 400×380 mm
          Max die cutting size 1060×760 mm
          Max die cutting speed 7000 sheet/hour
          Max Stripping speed 6500 sheet/hour
          Die cutting precision ±0.15 mm
          Die cutting pressure 320 Ton
          Sheet thickness (card paper/corrugated paper) 0.1~4mm
          Min seam 8 mm
          Max feeding pile height 1400 mm
          Max delivery pile height 1340 mm
          Total power of motors 16.8 kW
          Gross weight 18.5 Ton
          Dimensions 8350×3600×2160 mm
          Feeding part:
          • The equipment can use different thickness of paper to realize parallel delivery with individually adjusted. Travel can be increased by adjusting the switch.
          • Equipped with a spare paper feeder to put the paper in place first, then carry out conversion to realize continuously feeding without stopping.
          • Using Taiwan double-speed reduction motor to feed and receive paper can improve work efficiency. A double-speed motor with long service life and high torque can reduce speed quickly and save time.
          Conveyor part:
          • The paper conveyor part adopts stainless steel plate to prevent rust, stabilize the paper conveyor and is easy to put in place.
          • The paper positioning is carried out with two push-pull devices, which is convenient for conversion and suitable for different paper.
          Die cutting part:
          • Use durable and stable steel material. And bearing made from machining center has high accuracy and high precision.
          • Use high pressure oil pump to lubricate the oil tube and reduce parts wear. Add oil cooler to cool the lubricating oil. Regularly lubricate the main chain to improve the equipment efficiency.
          • The drive mechanism adopts high speed die cutting and high precision oscillating bar platform to improve base plate speed.
          • Ensure service life and stable die cutting accuracy by the rack chain made in German.
          • Use Taiwan intermittent structure as main transmission to improve die cutting accuracy, speed and lower noise.
          • Adopts pneumatic brake clutch and rotary joint imported from Italy meet European standards to ensure quick clutch, stable force, long life and low noise.
          Stripping part:
          • Uses one-time stripping system to clean the rest of the box unrelated paper and waste edge in the die cutting production.
          • Adopts upper, middle and lower die cam transmission with stable accurate and powerful features to ensure fast loading and easy adjustment.
          • Adopts pneumatic lifting for waste frames, equipped with central positioning device to ensure easy operation and greatly shorten the preparation time.
          Stacking part:
          • Auto stacking, neat and orderly.
          • When the stack reaches the required height, push the tray in and replaced a new pickup board then pull out the tray to realize stacking without stopping.
          • Pneumatic sampling to realize the die-cutting paper checking at any time.
          Electric control part:
          • Using Japan OMRON PLC computer automatic control system. From paper feeding, conveyor to die-cutting, paper receiving, automatic detection control. At the same time, Japan Toshiba frequency converter and the main motor can provide strong power.
          • Using the man-machine interface display system to display various working conditions and point out the fault location and propose solutions.


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