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          7.Secondary Gluing Machine

          • Secondary Gluing Machine
          • Secondary Gluing Machine
          • Secondary Gluing Machine
          Secondary Gluing MachineSecondary Gluing MachineSecondary Gluing Machine

          Secondary Gluing Machine

          • Corrugating Machinery
          • Single Facer Line
          • 3/5/7ply Corrugated board production line
          • Product description: Secondary Gluing Machine
          • INQUIRY

          Secondary Gluing Machine:

          Model: GM-100/180/250


          1. Max machine speed 100m/min, 180m/min and 250m/min.
          2. Glue roll diameter 242mm, 269mm or 320mm (breadth>1800mm), doctor roll diameter 140mm or 153mm (breadth>1800mm), pre-heater diameter at least 270mm.
          3. Contact device use press roll.
          4. Thickness of glue digital display, adjusted by computer. Thickness auto adjustment plc controlled.
          5. Glue roller idling slowly to avoid the glue dry.
          6. Glue tray made of stainless steel, rust-resistance, easy to clean.
          7. Driven by frequency conversion motor, which synchronized linkage with the double facer, upper and lower synchronized.
          8. Lift of pressure roll controlled by air cylinder.


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