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          3. Computerized Single Facer Cut-Off Machine

          • Corrugated Single facer Cutting Machine
          Corrugated Single facer Cutting Machine

          Corrugated Single facer Cutting Machine

          • Corrugating Machinery
          • Single Facer Line
          • Single Facer Cutting Machine
          • Single Facer Stacking Machine
          • Product description: Corrugated Single Facer PaperCutting Machine
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          Corrugated Single Facer Paper Cutting Machine


          1. Could store 200 sets of orders, change orders without stopping to realize quickly and accurately change paper, and realize convenient production management with computer networking.
          2. The cutter shaft transmission gear is installed with eccentric shaft to realize no-side clearance transmission with high precision.
          3. The transverse cutter is made of blade steel. Adopts flat structure fixed blade can be more stable and more suitable for cutting heavy and high toughness sheet, smaller shear force and longer blade life.
          4. The paper roller is wrapped with non-slip material with more wear-resistance and accurate size.
          5. The base and wall of main machine is made of grey cast iron to get high strength and shake resistance.
          6. Motor drive adopts servo controller, displayed with 5.7-inch color touch screen.
          7. Cutting length: 300mm—9000mm, cutting precision: ±1.5mm (constant speed).

          Regular technical parameters:

          1. Max width: 2500mm
          2. Mechanical speed: 100m/min
          3. Min cutting length: 300mm
          4. Max cutting length: 9000mm
          5. Cutting precision: ±1.5mm (constant speed)

          Parameters of motor and electric appliance:

          1. Main driving motor power: 3 kW.
          2. Full AC synchronous servo motor control
          3. Paper motor power: 3kW (frequency control)


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