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          3.Changeover Vacuum Suction Single Facer

          • Changeover Vacuum Suction Single Facer
          Changeover Vacuum Suction Single Facer

          Changeover Vacuum Suction Single Facer

          • Corrugating Machinery
          • Single Facer Line
          • 3/5/7ply Corrugated board production line
          • Product description: Changeover Vacuum Suction Single Facer
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          Vacuum Suction Fingerless Single Facer(quick changeover)

          Model: SF-150/180/200


          1. 1).Vacuum suction system provide perfect flute shape. Drive decelerate box adopts oiliness lubricate.

          2. 2).Cardboard transmitting method adopts vacuum equipment, keep flute profiles stable of the lower-roller in the condition of running up.

          3. 3).The whole machine adopts electromagnetism step less governor corrugated roller bearing adopts high temperature resistant lube.

          4. 4).Gelatinizing parts auto supply glue circularly.

          5. 5).The upper-lower corrugating rollers are made of high quality chrome nickel alloy steel 48CrMo and heat-treatment. The rigidity is HRC58-60, the surface are whetted and chrome plate.

          6. 6).The diameter of upper-corrugated roller :320mm, 360mm and 380mm.

          7. 6).The surface of upper-gelatinizing roller are treated by special mesh snicked and chrome plated.

          8. 6).The design speed is 150m/min, 180m/min and 200m/min.

          9. 7).The corrugating roller assembly adopts modularization design, easy to replace.

          10.8).The steel board thickness is 200/240mm, adopting independent transmission unit with gimbal. The pressure roller dia for each model is 324mm and 364mm.

          11.9). The gluing roller dia is 242mm, which can be moved as a whole, easy to change.

          12.10).The glue width is controlled automatically; the glue thickness is display in the digits.

          13.11).The main motor adopts inverter.


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