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          Welcome: May Kwa Printing Machinery Co,Limited
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          About us

          Corrugated machinery and paper packing machine manufacturer & exporter in China

          Reliable quality and reasonably priced machines

          As China's leading corrugated paperboard production line and carton making machinery manufacturer and exporter, MAYKWA Company takes care of the entire transaction, from product developing and manufacturing to the exporting of finished products. We provide reliable, quality machines at reasonable prices, such as the 3/5/7ply corrugated paperboard production line, flute laminating machine, auto window patching machine, and flexo printing slotting die cutting stacker machine, auto die cutting creasing machine, Auto die cutting and foil stamping machine,Auto Stitching machine Our many years of manufacturing experience enable us to offer high-quality, affordable auto die-cutting creasing machine, auto foil stamping and creasing machine, , auto box folder gluer machine, and carton folder gluer. MAYKWA machinery is sought after by customers all over Europe, South Asia, the Mideast, South America and Africa. We also enjoy sales partnerships in Poland, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile. Most machines sold to European countries are CE-certified, and the remainder of our certification applications is in progress. Due to the quality and value we offer, the majority of our customers are repeat customers who have purchased at least three machines (whether the same or different models) from us in the past.

          In developing our business and enhancing our competitive strength in the marketplace, we work with our subsidiary factories to unify them. We have more than ten manufacturing factories, many of which have at least 25 years of production experience. Having earned an excellent reputation the world over, and we now hold a major share in the Chinese and worldwide packaging and printing markets. In addition, we supply comprehensive after-sale service to our customers, which assures us a solid niche in the market.

          In order to make our corrugated paperboard production line, flexo printer slotter, carton making machine and related products' maintenance convenient, and in order to achieve the highest safety standards possible, we produce our packaging and printing machines with internationally-universal machinery components and electrical control elements. We also implement world-class production technologies and cooperate with top-ranked research institutes to guarantee technology advancement and high product quality.

          We've been in this field for more than ten years, and we enjoy the benefits of a surplus of experience. With a well-rounded, highly competent work team and a friendly service team, we are here to help. In addition to the obvious advantages of high quality and low price, we incorporate the most advanced Japanese, European, and Taiwanese techniques into designing and producing our equipment, which gives us a major competitive advantage.

          We also provide detailed technical support and consulting services for our products. Delivery time varies according the type of the machine; however our delivery time is generally between 1-4 months. We also provide a one-year quality guarantee period. During this time, if a product is damaged, we will replace it via DHL Express. For other operating problems, we will provide solutions within a 12 hours time frame. Furthermore, we offer after-sale installation and training service. OEM is also available.

          Our consistent, high-quality products and reliable service, incorporating our innovative and cost-effective techniques and development, have strengthened MAYKWA's position in the world market. We invite you to have a look around our web site and further acquaint yourself with our company and its products!

          CONTACT US

          Contact: Chen

          Phone: +86-18929558125

          Tel: +8620-84877071

          Email: maykwaprint@vip.sina.com

          Add: 51 Deyu road, Qiaonan street, Shiqiao, Panyu, 511400 Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China